Interview with DTM Koolaidz!

    DTM Koolaidz was a top tier QB in the old VFL/EFL days. This is his first season in the new VFL and after being drafted by the WFT, I asked him a few questions. 


1. What brought you back to the VFL?


About two weeks ago, there was a specific night in which I randomly started reminiscing about Madden. That may sound silly to some, but growing up Madden was one of my favorite games to play ever since Madden 11. I had invested so much time playing with my old crew in gamebattles and with a number of great individuals in the VFL that it’s just not something you forget about. So on this random night I actually started watching some of Mister ATM’s videos on YouTube, shoutout ATM he was one of the best WR’s during his time and also knew how to make some great videos. But then I started watching a lot of my old highlights and had come across Nate’s channel and his most recent video was titled “VFL Champion Chiefs” and I sat there completely puzzled. I had taken my break from Madden due to school and work and it caught me by surprise that the VFL had actually made a return. I did some research and later came across a reddit post that provided details about the league and how a new season was about to start. That’s when I decided to make a return from my two year hiatus and see if I can still compete with the best and return to my old form.


How did the first week go for you and your line? Must’ve been difficult with just getting the new Xbox a week or 2 ago.


We finished the week off 1-2, dissapointing to say the least because our line had complete potential to go 3-0. Tiger and Kavious are amazing players with great users and I’m still trying to get used to their play styles. It’s been slightly difficult but I would say it’s gone better than I had expected. The Madden IQ doesn’t just dissapear especially when you’re someone who’s been playing the game for 10+ years. Our one win was against TMO and for me that is a great accomplishment because he is considered one of the best defensive coordinators throughout the whole league. But once again, our first week could’ve gone better, it’s just on me to have performed better and to not have made as many mistakes as I did. 



3. You’re on a team with 2 of the top lines in the league, do you feel any pressure from them?


There’s always pressure to perform well, especially with how competitive the league is. A line could lose on any given night and it’s not a smart choice to undermine anyone. They had the Steelers ranked 10th after the draft and here they are with a great week one. I know how good Beaste and Champ’s lines are, but it’s important for our line to be able to match up with them and also perform well. Not only in the regular season but hopefully in the playoffs too.



With the league being fresh for you, does it feel like the “old” days?




Do you think you’ll be ready to get some clutch wins come playoff time?


Hell yea. I know everyone has already had 3-4 seasons of playing in this Madden but once I start catching a rhythm best believe our line is going to be dangerous in the post season. I’m very fortunate now that I have a lot of free time to practice and get adjusted to things. On top of that, I feel having the opportunity to play everyone in the regular season will prepare me for what is to come.

Wont lie to you Abyss, almost every single day I feel like I’ve heard someone say that. Shit, I might’ve been guilty of that in the Old VFL days, being the stubborn, obnoxious teen that I once was. Confidence and competitiveness are great, we want to see that in the league but as I mentioned the trash talking and downplaying of others still feels rampant and at this point childish. A lot of us were much younger when we first started playing in the league and now we’re all in a new stage of our lives so you would hope that there is more sportsmanship and maturity shown between members. 


Thank you Koolaidz for taking the time to answer some questions and good luck the rest of this season!

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