Interview with Mizz, Bron, Sorci & Krab

With all the roster moves/drama that’s happened within the first week for the Warriors. I caught up with King Mizzark, YoGuardBron, Viintage 2k & Stop A Krab for their comments on the situation.

King Mizzark


Bron correct me if I’m wrong but, on draft night you were quoted as saying that you drafted the best team. With that in mind, if you did draft a great roster then what went wrong? Why trade Bama, Sorci & Krab?
I never said I drafted the best team, the league said that for us in some content related post. Anyways we traded Bama because it was a neutral agreement, he wanted to heat to play with friends and we wanted one of our friends we were supposed to have on draft night. Sorci was bad with curry and krab was causing a lot of issues. He was in an argument with someone every game and me and mizz constantly kept getting dms about him and his attitude towards people.”

Viintage 2k

Can you rate the warriors management on a scale of 1-10?
Well they were at a 10 until right after week 1 and after impulsive decisions and from what I’ve seen communication wise, I’d have to drop it to a 6, mainly due to the GM.”

Why do people think you played poorly with curry?
To be honest I’m not sure where that came from, could I have shot more and been more aggressive at times? Yes, but with the situation, especially game 1 vs the nets, people were arguing the entire game and we went down 30 before halftime, hard to perform with that vibe and it carried on to every game that night. Other than that I took High IQ shots averaging about 15 assists a game winning the last two games not to mention we were down two starters week 1. In every practice / pre season game with our original 5 I was scoring more, and so was the team. The 5 for the warriors is the most crucial position, and Del has that down and was able to shoot consistently with looney, just allowing the offense to do so much more.

So on draft night the entire golden state roster was so happy go lucky & thought they had a god squad. With that being said in your opinion do you think Mizz/Bron drafted a good team but yall just couldnt gel? Also how do you think your line wouldve done record wise etc if Mizz/Bron kept yall together for the season?
They drafted a great team, our line had no chemistry but we instantly had solid communication, and played great every game together. I think we played like 7-8 games together and lost once . We didn’t play with our full line once week 1 and still went 2-1 , so i personally think we had line 1 talent and would’ve gotten better week after week , losing maybe 1 game a week if that . I’d like to add with my time on the warriors, I only had 2 Ls, both to the nets.”

So lets say if the original GSW line 1 & 2 played each other. who do you think would win & why?
I’m going to have stay quiet on that one because unlike some people in this league I’ve learned to let go of having an ego, but Id have to say it would be a good ass game. One for the books if it’s to ever go down.

Do you think Bron is the Zeus of 2k?
Absolutely not, with what that man put me threw I feel like I survived an R Kelly.

Are you excited to be in Miami? Can you tell me your expectations for the team?
Beyond excited, all the players are easygoing, management knows what they’re doing, high expectations for this team.”

Stop A Krab

Can you rate the warriors management on a scale of 1-10?
Could you elaborate on that?
“Sure thing, I give them a 4 based on how they drafted and the lines they put together. As far as actually team managing goes it’s below average, we were Undefeated with an original line on the court and always were things brought up. Teams are going to argue that’s how it goes.
Also, they asked me to play Draymond and I said I will give it a try, after having 2 eh games with him I decided it wasn’t the best fit for me and I asked to be moved back to Wiggins where I had success at before. They chose logic (a guy who’s very new to the game ) over me for that position. Never onced listened to a word I said, called me a bad teammate although I said I would like a trade but if I need to stay I will. Painting me to be a villain.”

People around the league & also players on GSW have quoted in saying you’ve been a freak & a toxic individual all season. Is this true? If it’s not then why do most view you as a toxic individual?
There are different ways of being toxic, I come from the comp pro-am scene, I don’t take losing lightly, or when there mental mistakes being made that shouldn’t be made I don’t let that slip. I’m not a yes man or anything like that if I see something I’m going to speak up on it
That might view people differently.

So i heard that you were very proud of scoring 35 on Johnnywheels. Is this True?
“I had a game and carried us to win. As I stated multiple times to you and the others I have had many good games with Wiggins before that game. I can provide screenshots if needed also.”

How good of a player do you think Sorci is? Do you think he can be that GUY? Or is he just a role player?
I believe he can be a good player not sure about “that guy “ or not but his offense is there just needs to pay attention on defense a lot more and learn how to pass a little better.

If the original line 1 & 2 from GSW played in a game. who would win & why?
“Not sure. I believe it would be a lot closer than they would assume. Mizz is a better curry than Sorci, Bron is a little better than Rivals , I’m way better than any Wiggins they have, Del is better than Gee. So I think played right it would be a close game but hey, I gotta say us right?”

So you got traded to Boston for Big Wadeo. Who do you think won that trade? Also whats your expectations with the Celtics?
I have heard of Wadeo from 2k godz , I don’t think he’s very good, so I definitely think Celtics won this trade, and I have already been told I will have a big role with this team. I saw that we were 0 and 6 and I’m looking to change that around this week. Got an owner who wants to win and grow as a team so we will get right for sure

Do you think Bron is the Zeus of 2k?
Absolutely not LMAO.
Can you elaborate on that? If not that’s fine.
To be the Zeus of something you gotta be a “god” at it. He’s not a bad player but he damn sure isn’t the god of 2k.”

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