The $aints come Marching

“The Jake Paul of the VFL” is taking his third stab at owner this season after two seasons that you could say were….disappointing at the least. Luckyy started things off with tabbing runningback Del as his GM. Rumors that Del thought he got blacklisted if he turned down a GM spot and didn’t know that some of the Saints players were bugged are not a great way to start things off.

I’ll be honest here. I am not sure what the lines are overall, but assuming line one is Luckyy, Del, and r3dhour. This line has some chemistry from last season with the Chiefs when Mr. Paul and R3d played together. Good news, reports today stated Luckyy can make his fgs now. Bad news, you still gotta get in fg range. Del is a good runningback and an awful defensive line user. *Sidenote: I only say this because he stopped every run play I called for negative yardage last season so screw that guy.” With good defensive users and a great defensive roster, this line should cause some problems… for absolutely NOBODY.

Line 2 is headed by Ponchy, the only max bid to actually PAY a team to let him play for them. Pairing him with Outaker at WR/DL and Brisket at RB/DB is a good pairing. However we all know Ponchy HATES his users so Luckyy could have drafted literal potatoes here and there would be no difference offensively. Outaker is an amazing DL user, but how will not being able to peek into the opposing teams locker rooms affect his skill? it is yet to be known. Brisket is one of my favorite WRs in the league, I have a slight mancrush on his especially after he put me on his broad muscular back last season and whisked me away during those lonely starry nights. God the things I would… whops getting carried away those thoughts are for my *secret* site.

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Frankly, I don’t think its fair that we are letting Beaste play for two teams this season. It’s wrong and a travesty. Wait, what the fuck is a mocarbone? I have on good authority that it is Beaste. Have they ever been in a party together? Didn’t think so. MocarBeaste should have a good statiscial season with self proclaimed MVP Kwam3 and Jacc on his line. These boys are all business and have a winning pedigree that should help carry this squad to new heights.

I truly don’t know if its Mo, Beaste, or some to be named third person playing on this account

I see this team winning 8 games this season, sneaking into the playoffs and going full on Bountygate and paying other teams to lose en route to a superbowl appearance.

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