VFL Top 12 Free Agent RBs

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12. Fig13

Last season he played WR to help the team, look for Fig to prove his worth as a RB this season.

11. l radio l

A solid player that doesn’t have an ego. Never talks in the chats so he will continue to fly under the radar.

10. Easty Tg

A veteran of the team up community, easty plays for whoever and fills in wherever he is needed.

9. Kdot8932

Kdot has been in the league quietly for a few seasons. He will play whatever the team needs and from what I hear, he’s a good teammate.

8. x KING J0N x

A surprising year for Jon, he performed well but was on one of the less than stellar teams this past season. If John gets drafted to play on a good line, he should have a great season.

7. ClutchxKing215

Clutch was a top RB playing with Beaste for the first few seasons. He stuck around last season without beaste and still had a strong year. A very good DC as well.

6. Ibprofam

Last season, rusty surprised a lot of people. He had a very solid year and capped it off by winning the Super Bowl.

5. getthiswork1018

Willy has been around the VFL for a long time. Seeing him at number 5 isn’t surprising as he is a top DL and can carry the workload at RB.


One of the best RBs that nobody talks about. Nate was apart of the SB winning team season 3 and on the losing end of the SB season 4.


After an average season with the Bucs, North looks to regain his former RBoTY status this upcoming season. Solid at DL but at this moment he is signed up at QB.


Monster of a DL, BLK, is a top tier RB as well. He’s coming off a Super Bowl championship on a line with Ty and Orlando. I can see BLK winning RBOTY in the right situation.

1. Justt Smoove

Reigning RB of the Year, Smoove has been a top RB since he joined the league. Very good vision and plays great at DB as well. Should be a top 10 selection in the draft this season.

noteable mentions: Highwalker (great player haven’t seen him at QB). Ezakimak (been around a long time, making his QB debut). Redhour (Good RB DL, not the best at QB). King Logic (signed up at RB, good player and DC)

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