VFL Top 12 Free Agent QBs

12. xBeachMode

Former owner for 2 seasons, Beach will make a good 3rd line QB for someone this season.

11. DtM x KoolAiDz

Back from a long layoff, dtm was always 1 of the top qbs and players in general in the previous leagues. That type of consistency and madden iq doesn’t just go away. I expect with some labbing and scrims he’ll find his way back to being a top qb very soon.

10. x 9 smyth 4 x

Smyth filled in for the Bills last season and did surprisingly well. Hopefully he can continue to improve and help a team make playoffs.


On the Panthers last season, Mac started rough but finished the season strong with 5 straight wins. He went 0-2 in the playoffs but after a full season under his belt, I can see him being a strong QB for someone.

8. Aceboogs98

Coming off 2 straight Super Bowl losses, Boogs will be in the draft for the first time in 3 seasons. Solid QB and can help a team make the Super Bowl.

7. Xxchildxplease

Has a nice scheme. Gets users involved. Sometimes goes for the big play too much. Does not adjust the line well and needs to work on that. He will get u to the redzone often. Dependable qb.

6. XxMarcdogxx

Marc went 3-0 in the Season 3 playoffs on his way to winning a Super Bowl with the KC Chiefs. After switching to WR for a season, he is back as a top prospect at the QB position. Great game manager and plays above average at LB.

5. xxHucci

Very smart qb, knows how to beat man, cover3, cover 2. Can struggle against the top tier user pass rushers but is actively working to improve. Always looking to lab and get better. A real up and coming qb

4. BeOmniTTV

He is the only QB that beat Abyss’s line last season in the regular season. If Omni continues to improve, he will be a top QB very soon. Doesn’t make a ton of mistakes and that’s all you can ask for.

3. mocarbone

Stepping in for the Bills last season, Mo was doing so well that everyone called him “mocarbeaste”. He’s been around since season 1 but remains under the radar as a good QB.

2. x Sacr1f1ce x

Sac made his return to the VFL last season. He was a good QB in the older maddens and if this last season has any indication, he will continue to be a good QB for whoever drafts him. Super Bowl winning QB with the Packers and had a phenomenal season.

1. Ez Big Ty

Top Free agent QB, Ty. He’s a very smart and safe qb. Knows how to manage the game and gets user involved. He will get you wins and is very knowledgeable. He has proven that he can be a Number 1 Line QB after winning the Super Bowl this past season.

noteable mentions: Highwalker (great player haven’t seen him at QB). Ezakimak (been around a long time, making his QB debut). Redhour (Good RB DL, not the best at QB).

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