VFL Top 12 Free Agent WRs

12. MeoW Minotaur

Super bowl champion minotaur will more than likely be picked up by Grof again. Not a lot to say, he fits well within that line.

11. JAD

After winning the Super Bowl season 2 with the Browns, JAD is making a return to the league and should be a good pickup for anyone.

10. KWAM3 4 MVP

Fills in wherever and is available for all games. Solid player.

9. Breesuss

A top MVP candidate for 2 straight seasons, breesuss is moving to WR to switch things up a bit. He’s a good madden player so I expect him to be a top WR next season.

8. abloodypstain

bloody fixed his connection which was the only thing holding him back before. He had a good season with the seahawks and is a very good DL.

7. GoodFella Tg

Haden is as chill as they come. Great player and won’t complain for the ball.

6. TLP Kavious

Good at finding holes in zone and beating man. Favorite route is definitely the curl route vs zone. Will work back to a scrambling qb

5. Primo Re

Very smart wr he knows his way on the field. Knows route concepts and underrated blocker. Gets open and doesn’t overlap cpu routes.

4. The Brisket49

Brisket-never complains as a user wr, will give constant feedback to how people are trying to guard him. Man coverage=toast.

3. JPxProdigie

JP has been a top player for a long time. Plays very well on both sides of the ball and is arguably the best DB in the league.

2. Outaker24

One of the best DL in the league every season. Chill dude and does whatever the QB needs. Very good route runner.

1. Xxtmo706xx

Always thinking from the wr spot. Don’t have to give him a lot of instruction, will adjust routes mid play to take advantage of zone depths or the user. One of the best DCs in the league.

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